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Credit Recovery
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About Credit Recovery

The credit recovery program is for high school students in need of make-up credits; students must have failed or lost credit in the course in order to enroll. *Students must schedule an appointment or email their school counselor to determine needed course(s). IMPORTANT: Students will earn a ½ credit for each course successfully completed. Students will receive a letter grade for each course completed. Students must attend 2-hour sessions each week until course work is concluded. All assessments must be taken in the presence of a credit recovery instructor. Students can access their course from home at any time. Courses are NOT NCAA eligible. All courses offered will use the Edgenuity program. These are computer courses that are self-paced and require a student to be on task and motivated. While there is a teacher available for assistance, there will not be direct instruction. Class schedule follows UCS calendar. When there is no school, class will not meet.

There are no Credit Recovery courses available for registration.