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Utica Community Schools, in conjunction with Michigan Virtual, is please to offer an online learning experience to current secondary UCS students.  This program will afford students an opportunity to earn an additional one-half credit toward graduation requirements per online course.  Michigan Virtual is only being accepted by UCS for credit forward, not credit recovery.

The Michigan Virtual Plus MMC courses are self-paced with an open starting date but a fixed end date. Students set their own pace based on the rigor of the course and the time available. Michigan Virtual certified instructors will set guidelines for completing assignments, encourage students and monitor their progress, grade coursework, and be available to students for questions.

Students should email their school counselor to select the appropriate course to fulfill UCS graduation requirements. UCS students will earn credit (CR) or no credit (NC) corresponding with the district grading policy for the online course. CR or NC will be reflected on the student’s high school transcripts. The student needs to begin working on coursework as soon as the course opens in June. The student can choose to earn a letter grade or credit (CR) upon successful completion of the course. See the FAQ for further information. 

2021 Summer Semester
Session: Registration begins May 10 Cost: $250 per General Course
Classes begin: June 4
Classes end: August 13
Last day to enroll/drop: June 29(per Michigan Virtual) **email Community Education at to drop no later than June 29**

To register online go to:

District contact for Michigan Virtual -


Why would I want to participate in this program?

If you have additional electives or core courses, you are interested in taking but are unable to fit them in your schedule because of the number of required courses.

Can I graduate from high school early because of the credits earned through the online learning experience? 

No, these courses can be used to fill graduation requirements but not to graduate early.

Will this course appear on my transcript when applying to colleges and universities?

Yes, these courses will be included on your transcript and will be used to fulfill graduation requirements if you successfully complete the course.

How many classes can I enroll in over the Summer?

You may take up to 2 courses over the Summer semester.

How do I register and pay for the course?

To register online go to:

What if I want to drop the course I register for?

To receive a full refund, you must email your drop request to Community Education at: no later than June 29th.

Can I receive a letter grade for the course(s)?

To receive a letter grade, students must successfully complete the course and make an appointment with Teaching and Learning at 586-797-1070 to take the final exam in person. The test dates are August 10 and August 12.

Can I choose to receive a credit (CR) for the course(s)?

You may receive a CR on your transcript upon successful completion of the course and final exam. The final exam can be taken at home, no appointment is necessary. If you chose to take the CR, this will not be calculated in your GPA.